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From brow to wow.

NKD…it actually stands for “naked”, because waxing is our specialty. At NKD we use Nufree and traditional hard wax, depending on the service. Nufree, the “gold standard” in hair removal, is technically not a wax, but its similar and applied the same. This natural, self-preserving antibacterial, antimicrobial, water-free botanical formula contains no wax, sugar or honey and was developed for sensitive skin, reducing irritation. Our clients are women, men, those in alternative lifestyles, and those who are plus sized. As waxing clients ourselves, we aim to provide you with a convenient, quick, and most importantly, a comfortable waxing experience.

Styles of women's bikini wax: Bikini, Deep Bikini, Strip, and Brazilian.
Styles of men's bikini wax: Bikini and Brazilian.

Waxing Information

You should NOT wax or at the very least you need to let waxologist know, if you are taking medication orally or topically that will affect the skin. Some in that list include Accutane, Retin-A, glycolic acid, alpha hydroxy acid (AHA), Tazorac, Avage, Differin, Strivectin, Renova, Proactive, Avita, benzyl peroxide and salicyclic acid. This list contains just those we are aware of, so please let us know if you are taking any of these and if you are not sure, please check with your doctor.

Before getting waxed:
  • For body waxing, it is highly recommended that the hair be ¼ inch long (approximately the thickness of a #2 pencil). You will have the most effective wax if you wait this long because every hair is in a different growth stage. From there, depending on hair growth rate, 4–6 weeks is recommended for your following wax.
  • 2–3 weeks is the most effective facial waxing span of time (but everyone is different).
  • Lightly exfoliate skin a day before waxing.
  • On day of waxing, refrain from using lotion or greasy oils from areas that you want waxed.
  • Some clients take ibuprofen to reduce sensitivity and inflammation 30 min before their appointment.
After getting waxed:
  • Avoid sun exposure or beds for 24 hours
  • If you tend to be really sensitive avoid chlorinated water. Chlorine will dry out and irritate skin.
  • 48 hours after waxing, start lightly exfoliating area. Waxing pulls hair out by the root so when it grows back it grows in finer and if you have dead skin blocking the hair and it may cause ingrown hairs.
  • Moisturize area, stay away from scented lotions.
  • If you are still feeling irritated later in the day, apply hydrocortisone cream to the area.
  • Chemical peels, microdermabrasion and laser can also affect skin.
First time is the worst time but if you keep up with waxing, it gets better and is well worth it!

frequently asked questions

  • Will waxing make my hair grow back thicker/stronger/darker?

    Waxing does not cause you to grow more hair follicles. In fact, if you become a regular waxer, you will notice that your hair will become quite sparse and not as coarse. When hair is shaved, it is cut off at the thick part of the hair, which is why you can feel stubble the next day. A properly waxed hair is removed from the root, and when the hair starts to grow back it is a new hair, very fine at the tip, so no stubble. The only things known to stimulate hair growth are hormones: natural or artificial.

  • At what age can one start getting waxed?

    It all depends on the child and individual circumstances. Any child under the age of 16 needs parental consent. Please, feel free to book a consult with any esthetician here and we can go over any questions you may have and even do a little patch so your child can know what it feels like.

  • What should I wear for a bikini/brazilian wax?

    For a bikini wax you can wear whatever is comfortable for you, whether it is your own underwear or our disposable ones. You don’t wear anything from waist down for the brazilian. We do have small disposable towelettes to cover part of the area so you aren't completely exposed.

  • Can I get waxed during my menstrual cycle?

    You can definitely get waxed during your cycle, it is just not recommended because waxing can be more painful during this time. Hormone change causes sensitivity so the most ideal time is right after your cycle.

  • How long does waxing last?

    If you have let your hair grow out to the proper length, you should be hair-free for a minimum of 1-2 weeks following your appointment

  • Can I get waxed if I’m pregnant?


  • What kind of wax does Nkd use?

    Strip wax, hard wax and nufree (soy based) wax are used here. Hard wax is a stripless wax. So after it is applied and hardens, then it can be removed.

    • Nufree Nudesse is not a wax and never sticks to the skin. It is a natural, botanical formula. It contains no wax, no sugar and no honey.
    • Nufree Nudesse is self-preserving antibacterial/antimicrobial so it's safe, clean and germ free.
    • Nufree Nudesse is completely botanical and safe for the entire body.
    • Nufree Nudesse doesn’t dry and can be removed any time!
    • Nufree Nudesse is scientifically tested and uses no animal products.

    The esthetician checks out your skin and takes into account whether you are on any medication, orally or topically, that may compromise your skin to hair removal. They also will decide what wax is best if you don't have a preference. We do not double dip sticks.

  • How do I get rid of ingrown hairs?

    Everyone is different, using an exfoliant, exfoliating gloves, or a leave on exfoliating lotion will do the trick. Some people may have to do all of the above.

  • Does Nkd trim body hair?

    No, we do not. We wax.

  • Can I shave in-between services?

    Shaving is not recommended. Depending on skin, sometimes going back and forth between waxing and shaving causes more irritation to the skin. Waxing after shaving is basically going back to the first time getting waxed. It is a little more painful.

    What is recommend, for example, in the summer, clients that get the Brazilian will get a bikini in between appts to keep outside the bikini line fresh, instead of shaving. It may take up to three waxing treatments to achieve smooth skin due to the fact that hair grows in stages and all of your hair is never at the same stage. It is very important to avoid shaving between waxing appointments, as this will interrupt the process and stimulate the hair growth again.

  • Do men really wax...down there?

    YES! Nkd sees men from ALL walks of life and all ages. The guy next to you right now could be rocking a Brazilian wax. You just looked...didn't you? :) Here at Nkd, we try to make an uncomfortable situation as comfortable as possible.

  • Getting waxed for a vacation or special occasion?

    Please get waxed at least 4-6 weeks before to see how your skin reacts so you know how far in advance to get waxed before the big occasion. Also, remember that waxing exfoliates the skin, so you want to get waxed before getting a spray tan before a big event.