Girl, where'd you get those lashes?

Length, thickness and curvature of extensions are based on health, length and strength of your natural lashes and will be discussed prior to application.

frequently asked questions

  • What are lashes made of?

    Lashes are made of synthetic polyester that come in multiple lengths, thicknesses, colors and curls to match your natural lashes.

  • How are they applied?

    Extensions are applied to each individual lash with medical grade adhesive.

  • Are lash extensions right for me?

    Lashes are not for people with alopecia or are undergoing chemotherapy. Lashes are needed to apply extensions to.

    Lashes not for people who have allergies/sensitivities to acrylates or cyanoacrylate adhesives (if you have had reactions to acrylic nails, extensions are not recommended). 

    You need to be comfortable lying down with your eyes closed for at least an hour. Many people fall asleep! 

    If you sleep on your stomach or rub and pull your lashes, extensions are not recommended for you.

  • Can I apply mascara to lashes?

    You shouldn’t feel the need to apply mascara. Towards the time you need a relash you may put mascara on. Make sure it’s oil free and not waterproof—these will dissolve the bond, making you shed lashes faster. When applying mascara, make sure to apply half way down the lash to the tips. Starting at the root will loosen extension.

  • Are the extensions damaging to my lashes?

    As long as the extension is applied to one natural lash and at a length and thickness that won’t cause premature shedding. Extensions are considered better than mascara because you are tugging at the lashes when washing them and clogging the follicle with mascara.

  • How long will they last?

    A set with no fills will last somewhere around a month depending on how well you take care of them and your lifestyle.

    2-3 weeks is what is recommended for a fill and then they will last indefinitely. Lashes shed naturally and you will probably notice the extensions shedding more since they are a lot longer and thicker then your natural lashes.