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frequently asked questions

  • What’s the best way to prep my skin for my makeup application?

    Drink as much water as possible at least three days leading up to your application. Arrive with completely clean skin and eyes—no mascara or eyeliner residue! Apply a light moisturizer if you feel dry that morning. We also recommend the ultimate primer—Oxygen Therapy. This service takes just 15 minutes and can be done right before your makeup application.

  • Do you have makeup for sensitive skin?

    Before every makeup application, we have a consultation to discuss your skin type and desired look. Nkd has numerous types of foundation, all of which are allergy tested.

  • What kind of strip lashes do you have?

    We have dozens of styles of strip lashes to choose from in the studio; ranging from accent lashes (which are smaller strip lashes that accentuate the corners of your eyes), to dramatic, double strip lashes! 

  • What do you do in a makeup lesson?

    First and foremost, we discuss your current skill level with applying makeup and then talk about what kind of look you would like to achieve. We request you bring some of your favorite products with you—or even just your entire cosmetic bag, so we can incorporate some of your current items into your routine.

    We proceed with creating a look that is unique for your style and skill set, as well as the time you have designated for applying a makeup look in the morning. In some lessons, we apply half the face step-by-step and you complete the other half.

    If you do not feel comfortable doing this, we will happily do the entire application and ensure you understand the steps to practice at home.

  • What is included in a “Just Eyes” application?

    In a Just Eyes application, your eye area is prepped with moisturizer and primer, and then concealed accordingly. We also shape your brows with the appropriate products and finish by applying an eye look suitable for your occasion. If you would like to add strip lashes, the cost is $15–$25, depending on the style you choose. 

  • I don’t need an entire lesson, just help selecting new colors—do you offer help with something like that?

    Our Product Haul is perfect for someone looking for advice on new colors or products. The service is 30 minutes and just $35. The best part is that $25 of that price goes towards your new makeup! So skip the pressure of the cosmetic counter and book a Product Haul with a licensed makeup artist.