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June 06, 2017

Oxygen Therapy: A breath of fresh air for your complexion

Clients often ask us, “How often do you recommend getting a facial?” The easy answer is every 4 to 6 weeks, which is about how often your skin cells naturally shed and new ones are revealed.

As important as it is to receive regular professional exfoliation, what about during the summer months? Generally, if you spend a lot of your time outdoors during the warmer months and are not extremely vigilant in reapplying a sunscreen every 2 hours, we don’t recommend aggressive exfoliation. So, what type of treatment is good for June, July and August?

Oxygen Therapy.

"I went in to get a facial and after discussing my skin concerns of dullness, dryness and basic all over feeling blah, she recommended a couple of facials, one of them being the oxygen facial. It was the perfect compliment to the microdermabrasion and when I was done, I was amazed at how plump and youthful and moist my skin looked!

Once I passed 40, I feel like I'm always chasing that dewy glow. This facial delivered! The immediate results were awesome. It worked so well, in fact, that my friend noticed a change in my skin the next day. She asked if I had done anything different, I told her about the oxygen facial and she promptly went out and booked herself one too.

This is something that I will have done from now on, and I will also have done before any events that I need to look great for. My makeup just glides over my skin and melts in for a perfect finish that I was never able to get before. I highly recommend. I’m a huge fan!"

—Anna B.

How does the treatment work?

The Oxygen portion of a facial is broken down into two major parts. The first part is the application of the specialized Infusion Gel. There are 4 different formulas based on your skin.

Sensitive: Soothes and desensitizes irritated skin with botanicals and medicinal herbs.

A, C, & E: Regenerates and stimulates mature skin with antioxidants.

Brightening: Lifts and brightens discolored skin while preventing the damaging effects of sun exposure. Also contains a blend of anti-inflammatory ingredients to soothe the skin.

Antibacterial: Maintains and protects from future oily/troubled skin concerns. This formula has Lysozyme, an enzyme that breaks down the cellular wall of bacteria.

The gel infusion is massaged onto the skin with stimulating movements that increase circulation and encourage stimulation of the facial nerves and muscles. After the massage, a refreshing infusion solution is applied using an airbrush gun. The infusion contains ingredients that interact with the natural enzymes within your skin to break down the gel and increase the absorption and hydrating benefits; hence the immediate and long lasting glowing effect.

Is there any “down time” associated with Oxygen Therapy?

Not at all! In fact, this facial is very popular to have done the day before (or the day of) a special event. Makeup glides on after this treatment. Fine lines are reduced; the skin is firmer, smoother and perfectly prepped.

What treatments at Nkd feature Oxygen Therapy?

We have three options to experience Oxygen Therapy:

Micro2 $160
Our Micro2 facial features Oxygen and Microdermabrasion. This is one of our most popular spa facials, however, as mentioned before, you should only do micro if you are really good about spf during the summer months. This treatment features an enzyme, microdermabrasion, oxygen therapy, extractions as well as massage.

“Almost Famous” Oxygen Therapy Facial $120
If you want oxygen therapy plus gentle exfoliation and all of the pampering of our spa facials, this is the perfect treatment for you. Generally, this option does not include extractions, however, if you would like extractions, you can discuss it with your skin technician during your consultation before you treatment. If you are receiving this service for a special event, we do not recommend extractions.

Makeup Prep Treatment $40
Also known as a “Single Oxygen Treatment,” this is strictly the two-phase treatment. Your skin is cleansed, the gel is massaged, the solution is applied and then removed. This is considered an “express” treatment and only takes about 15 minutes.

June & July 2017 Specials:

Receive a card for $10 off your next service at Nkd when you have either a Micro2 or an Almost Famous treatment!

Purchase any two “Nkd Favorites” displayed in the retail area and receive a card for a complimentary Makeup Prep Treatment (a $40 value!)