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November 20, 2016

Nkd's Lash Mantra

Let’s discuss your Lash-pectations...

At Nkd, we like to discuss “Lash-pectations” with our clients before we apply a new set of lash extensions. Lash extensions are not one size fits all. 

We care about our clients and our clients lashes, so after we measure and test the strength of your natural lash, we will advise you on the proper design of your set of lashes. For example, if you have fine lashes that are about 7mm long, we would use a combination of thin and thick lashes that do not go beyond 9mm in length. This ensures better wear and maximum time in between fills. 

If your lashes are longer and coarser, we can use thicker, longer lashes.  Lash extensions that are too long or heavy shed prematurely and twist and turn as your natural lash grows out. Not only is this not esthetically pleasing, but a twisting lash can be uncomfortable. 

Lashes that are properly fitted and applied are easier for you to maintain and easier for us to fill.  We promise to do what is in your lashes best interest, and thank you for having realistic lash-pectations. 

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