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September 23, 2015

Extend the Life of Your Lashes!

Pick up some good lash habits! 
  1. Touch your eyes! Of course you want to be gentle to your eye area, however; it’s imperative that you clean around your lash line to maintain your lash health. (Yes, even if you don’t use eye makeup!) Dust, cosmetics, lotion, sweat and oil can accumulate around your lash follicles, causing premature lash loss. Using lint-free applicators and either warm water or oil-free eye makeup remover, gently massage the base of your lashes.
Separate, direct and carefully brush your lashes to keep them looking full and fabulous.
  1. Watch out for hidden oils. Natural and synthetic oils are a popular ingredient in many hair shampoos, conditioners and styling aids. Although oil can hydrate and care for your hair, it acts as a solvent for the medical grade lash adhesive. In fact, when we preform a lash removal, the adhesive remover is oil based. Although you are not directly applying these products to your face, they may transfer from your pillow or come in contact with your eyes in the shower.
  2. Show your lashes who’s boss! As your lashes grow out, the extensions may get a little, “wonky.” To help them grow out more controlled and not get tangled or stick together, use a lash brush. This is especially important if you wear your lashes on the longer side. If lashes get tangled, you may inadvertently loose multiple natural lashes as they pull on each other.
Separate, direct and carefully brush your lashes to keep them looking full and fabulous.
  1. Leave removal to a professional. If you notice a lash that is really grown out, instead of trying to pull it off (OUCH!) carefully use a pair of cuticle scissors to trim the end of the lash. At your next fill, we will remove and replace the extension- and save your natural lash.
  2. Schedule your fills accordingly. Although everyone’s a little different, most clients find it crucial to come in about every 2 weeks for a lash fill. That third week can lead to a reasonable amount of extension loss for most clients. If you spread out your fills too far, you risk not having as full lashes as you may like and we can only fill you  for the amount of time booked. We recommend booking out a few fills at a time, so you don’t run into problems with excessive extension loss.
Lashes are a commitment and keeping regular fill appointments are necessary to maintain a full, balanced set.

Bonus Tip! When you come in for your lash fill appointment, come in without eye makeup. Although we gently cleanse everyone’s eyes to remove excess oil and prepare for ideal lash adhesion, if you arrive with eye makeup, it can add 10 or more minutes to the cleansing portion—taking away from lash filling time! 10 minutes = 20 lashes you could have had added to your fill. 

For more information about lash extensions, visit our Lashes page.