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Because real tanning is wicked bad for you.
How to get ready for your spray tan
  • When scheduling your appointment, keep in mind that the solution must stay on your skin for 8-10+ hours for full color development (with the exception of the Express Wash Off tan).
  • Book any other appointments appropriately. Manicures, pedicures, facials and waxing should be done before your spray tan, either the day before or earlier in the day, allowing time for you to shower and wash off any oil-based products on your skin.
  • Schedule your appointment when you will be able to shower, shave, and exfoliate before your appointment.
  • Keep your skin is completely free of any oil, lotion, deodorant, makeup. If you use a scrub to exfoliate, make sure it is oil free; so stay away from salt and sugar scrubs. Even some body washes are oil based, so take caution. Oil will block the tanning solution from developing evenly.
  • Properly preparing your skin will ensure your tan comes out flawless and last as long as possible.
  • Wear dark, loose fitting clothing for after the tan is applied. Tight-fitting clothing will cause friction and could rub off the tan before it is developed. Dark clothing is best just in case the bronzer rubs off (and if it does, it will not stain!)
  • During your appointment you may wear an old bathing suit, undergarments, or as you choose if you want to avoid tan lines.
Spray Tanning Aftercare
  • After your spray tan is applied, you will notice immediate color which is a cosmetic bronzer, mimicking what your tan will look like after it is developed.
  • While the tan is developing (8 hours) it is important to avoid water, sweat, and friction. Even one drop of water could leave a mark on your tan.
  • Your skin may feel a little tacky; this should be minimal and will subside over the first couple hours. Any areas that may feel especially tacky, you can use baby powder to diminish this.
  • Wait until after your first shower before applying moisturizer. If you need to apply makeup, powder products are fine to use without affecting your tan.
  • After the tan is developed, you can shower and rinse the bronzer off, and then you can use moisturizer. Keeping your skin moisturized is very important and will help your tan last longer and fade evenly.
  • The more you are exposed to water, (i.e. long hot showers, hot tubs, chlorinated pools, salt water, etc.), or anything that will promote exfoliation or cell regeneration (skincare with active ingredients like glycolic, or salicylic) will fade your tan faster.
  • Everyone’s skin is different, but on average you will have great color for 5-8 days, sometimes longer depending on how well you “take care” of your tan.