"Never underestimate the power of the eyebrow." ~Jack Black

All brows are perfect candidates for microblading! Thick, thin, sparse, uneven or none at all. Microblading is a great way to fill in, add or completely re-create what isn't there.

What our customers had to say:

"I wanted to have microblading done for a while. I was apprehensive, then I saw someone I knew post a before and after photo when she got them done with Kristie. My apprehension went away. My eyebrows used to be so light and shapeless. Not only are my eyebrows visible now, she matched the color perfectly to my hair. The arch is flawless as well! I am beyond satisfied!!

Kristie and all the women there were so nice. Most importantly, Kristie is knowledgeable and experienced— everything you want when you are getting something like this done. I am so glad I decided to go to NKD."

— Kerri

I was a little nervous, but I could not have been more pleased with the entire process. The atmosphere was calm, clean and very professional.

The first half of the appointment was getting the measurements for the brows exact and marking an outline for the procedure. We looked at the outline together, made some adjustments and proceeded to the second half of the appointment.

I am happy to report that this procedure was less painful than tattooing and laser hair removal. Anyone considering microblading should not be deterred by the possibility of pain, in my opinion.

Kristie Lee is a true professional. She took the time to answer any question I had during the process, and she even called me afterwards to see how I was doing!

The Second Date was about 6 weeks later. I have to say I thought it would be a quick touch up, but Kristie Lee took just as much time and care to make sure everything was perfect. I will definitely continue this service as needed for touch-ups."

— Tammy

Before your appointment

Day of: Do not work out. Do not drink coffee, alcohol or energy drinks. Also, because you want to keep the brows from getting wet as much as possible in the first week, showering and washing hair before appointment is recommended.

24 hours before: No alcohol. Do not take Aspirin, Niacin, Ibuprofen or Vitamin E.

2–3 days before: No waxing.

3 days before: No intense sun exposure or after.

1 week before: No Omega 3 (fish oil).

2 weeks before: No chemical peels, dermabrasion, laser or other intense skin treatments.

During your appointment

One can expect the appointment to be around 2 hours. There will be a quick consult to discuss expectations and take before pictures. Followed by the longest process, the drawing of the eyebrow shape. You will be lying down and also asked to sit up during this process to make sure that the eyebrows are even.

After that, a color is chosen which you will have a voice in the decision.

Next step, is the first pass of strokes and then some lidocaine is applied to help numb the area. There is about 3 passes to the brow. After care is explained and pictures are taken.

And now you are off to admire your new brows!

After your appointment

Post-treatment Care
  • Post care cream will be applied to brows before leaving. Gently clean the brow daily and re-apply post care cream. Very light layer because you still want the brows to be able to breathe. Before showering, apply a layer of post care cream to brows to protect them from moisture. Besides the daily cleansing of the brows, keep water away from them for 5 days.
  • No products or makeup on the brows for at least 5 days.
  • Avoid heavy sweating for 10 days. Sweat will break down the pigment.
  • Avoid sun exposure or tanning for 3-4 weeks after. UV rays will case the color to fade.
  • Avoid chemical peels, botox, microdermarasion, and laser treatments for 4 weeks after.
  • No Alpha Hydroxy Acids, other acids, Retin-A etc on microbladed brows. These will fade the pigment at a faster rate.
  • To avoid scarring and removal of pigment, no scratching and picking of pigment.
  • Always apply sunscreen to brows.

Remember, freshly microbladed brows are an open wound and you need to keep them clean and not touch them with your hands, or let a pet lick you, or clean out a basement with all that flying debris in the air, etc.

Healing Process

Day 1: Brows look awesome! They might be a little swollen and red, but that is completely normal, it just went through some trauma.

Days 2–4: The brows are going to appear really dark. This is mainly because the pigment is still settled on top of the skin and the scabbing process is beginning, making it darker.

Days 5–7: Now the skin is possibly scabbed up and flaking off, looking like dandruff. Also, they might be itchy. DON'T SCRATCH! Tap, tap, tap!

Days 8–10: Brows are lightening up now. Some strokes will even disappear because its being absorbed by the deeper layers of skin. In a few weeks, the strokes re-appear because skin cells push it back up to the outer layers.

Days 14–Second Date: Missing strokes are coming back, but may be a little patchy and uneven because you lose about 15-20% of the First Date strokes.

Second Date: Around 8 weeks later where those missing strokes and patches are filled in! :) Sometimes, even a Third Date is needed for some people.

Conditions that may prevent microblading
from being performed:

  • Pregnancy or breastfeeding
  • Diabetic
  • On birthmarks, moles, keloids and if you have a tendency to keloid
  • Sunburn, skin disease or irritations in the brow area
  • Taking blood thinning medications
  • Using Latisse or other brow growth serum (must wait 3–6 months)
  • Currently on Accutane or other strong retinoids (must wait 6 months after done with regimen)
  • Recently had Botox injections (must wait 2 months), or chemical peel (must wait 2 weeks)
  • Bleeding and circulatory disorders, or serious diseases such as cancer, epilepsy, autoimmune disorders (need a doctor's note)
  • Oily skin doesn't prevent one from getting microblading done, but it can blur the lines and make the strokes look blended and not crisp. There may not be as much retention, due to the oil production pushing the pigment out of the skin. More than two appointments may be needed to get the desired look.

Before & After


Amy's First Date

Amy's Second Date


Tammy's First Date

Tammy's Second Date


Jenna's First Date

Jenna's Second Date

Jenna's 1-year Touch-Up

frequently asked questions

  • What is microblading?

    It is a semi-permanent tattooing technique that creates hair-like strokes to create your perfect brow. The technician uses a manual handheld tool, not a machine, to embed pigment in the upper layers of skin. Using this tool, creates precise cuts in the skin, which helps create fuller and more natural looking brows.

  • How long does it last?

    According to skin type and care, the pigment will fade gradually between 12-24 months. Yearly touch-ups are recommended.

  • Do you shave the brows before a microblading treatment?

    Oh my goodness...NO, microblading is added to whatever brows you have. 

  • Does it hurt?

    Ummm, it strongly depends on your pain tolerance. We have had people fall asleep, to people tearing up a little bit. We use lidocaine to numb the area, but everyone is different. During the Second Date, the brows are usually a little more sensitive than the First Date too.