frequently asked questions


  • What’s the best way to prep my skin for my makeup application?

    Drink as much water as possible at least three days leading up to your application. Arrive with completely clean skin and eyes—no mascara or eyeliner residue! Apply a light moisturizer if you feel dry that morning. We also recommend the ultimate primer—a Makeup Prep Treatment. This service takes just 15 minutes and can be done right before your makeup application.

  • Do you have makeup for sensitive skin?

    Before every makeup application, we have a consultation to discuss your skin type and desired look. Nkd has numerous types of foundation, all of which are allergy tested.

  • What kind of strip lashes do you have?

    We have dozens of styles of strip lashes to choose from in the studio; ranging from accent lashes (which are smaller strip lashes that accentuate the corners of your eyes), to dramatic, double strip lashes! 

  • What do you do in a makeup lesson?

    First and foremost, we discuss your current skill level with applying makeup and then talk about what kind of look you would like to achieve. We request you bring some of your favorite products with you—or even just your entire cosmetic bag, so we can incorporate some of your current items into your routine. 

    We proceed with creating a look that is unique for your style and skill set, as well as the time you have designated for applying a makeup look in the morning. In some lessons, we apply half the face step-by-step and you complete the other half. 

    If you do not feel comfortable doing this, we will happily do the entire application and ensure you understand the steps to practice at home. Remember, you’re really only paying $60 for the 90 minute lesson, because $30 of the cost goes right to new product! 

  • What is included in a “Just Eyes” application?

    In a Just Eyes application, your eye area is prepped with moisturizer and primer, and then concealed accordingly. We also shape your brows with the appropriate products and finish by applying an eye look suitable for your occasion. If you would like to add strip lashes, the cost is $15–$25, depending on the style you choose. 

  • I don’t need an entire lesson, just help selecting new colors—do you offer help with something like that?

    Our Product Haul is perfect for someone looking for advice on new colors or products. The service is 30 minutes and just $35. The best part is that $25 of that price goes towards your new makeup! So skip the pressure of the cosmetic counter and book a Product Haul with a licensed makeup artist. 


  • How far in advance can I reserve my date?

    We book out one year in advance.

  • Do you require a deposit?

    We do not require a deposit to hold your date, however, we do require a final head count 3 months in advance. We will do our best to accommodate additional applications, but sometimes it’s best to book more than you think and then deduct a month prior to the wedding.

  • Do you recommend any other services for the day of my wedding?

    Yes! You and your attendants are encouraged to book skin prep services such as Makeup Prep Treatments which make your skin a perfect canvas for your makeup applications.

  • Do you recommend any other services that are good for brides?

    We offer a full menu of skincare services and recommend that you speak to one of our estheticians to create a plan for bridal-ready skin. We also offer lash extensions and custom spray tans.

  • Do you offer on-location services?

    Now that are in a larger facility, we no longer offer on location services. But wait! Before you rule us out, call to speak to our wedding coordinator to discuss the options of in studio on your wedding day. Our convenient location and multiple artists could be a wonderful addition to your special day.

  • Do you offer bridal hair services?

    We have two stylists that offer bridal hair services, Amy and Alexis. When you speak with our wedding coordinator, mention that you are also interested in hair services. She will check with them for their availability.


  • What are lashes made of?

    Lashes are made of synthetic polyester that come in multiple lengths, thicknesses, colors and curls to match your natural lashes.

  • How are they applied?

    Extensions are applied to each individual lash with medical grade adhesive.

  • Are lash extensions right for me?

    Lashes are not for people with alopecia or are undergoing chemotherapy. Lashes are needed to apply extensions to.

    Lashes not for people who have allergies/sensitivities to acrylates or cyanoacrylate adhesives (if you have had reactions to acrylic nails, extensions are not recommended). 

    You need to be comfortable lying down with your eyes closed for at least an hour. Many people fall asleep! 

    If you sleep on your stomach or rub and pull your lashes, extensions are not recommended for you.

  • Can I apply mascara to lashes?

    You shouldn’t feel the need to apply mascara. Towards the time you need a relash you may put mascara on. Make sure it’s oil free and not waterproof—these will dissolve the bond, making you shed lashes faster. When applying mascara, make sure to apply half way down the lash to the tips. Starting at the root will loosen extension.

  • Are the extensions damaging to my lashes?

    As long as the extension is applied to one natural lash and at a length and thickness that won’t cause premature shedding. Extensions are considered better than mascara because you are tugging at the lashes when washing them and clogging the follicle with mascara.

  • How long will they last?

    A set with no fills will last somewhere around a month depending on how well you take care of them and your lifestyle.

    2-3 weeks is what is recommended for a fill and then they will last indefinitely. Lashes shed naturally and you will probably notice the extensions shedding more since they are a lot longer and thicker then your natural lashes.


  • Will hair grow in darker or thicker than it was?

    Waxing will not change the color of hair and the hair actually grows in finer. One may think you have more hair after waxing because you are used to seeing no hair for a little bit after waxing it.

  • What should I wear for a bikini/brazilian (Completely Nkd) wax?

    For a bikini wax you can wear whatever is comfortable for you, whether it is your own underwear or our disposable ones. You don’t wear anything from waist down for the brazilian.

  • Can I get waxed during my menstrual cycle?

    You can definitely get waxed during your cycle, it is just not recommended because waxing can be more painful during this time. Hormone change causes sensitivity so the most ideal time is 2 weeks after your cycle.

  • How long does waxing last?

    If you have let your hair grow out to the proper length, you should be hair-free for a minimum of 1-2 weeks following your appointment

  • Can I get waxed if I’m pregnant?


  • What kind of wax does Nkd use?

    Strip wax, hard wax and nufree (soy based) wax are used here.

  • How do I get rid of ingrown?

    Everyone is different, using an exfoliant, exfoliating gloves, or a leave on exfoliating lotion will do the trick. Some people may have to do all of the above.


  • What is microblading?

    It is a semi-permanent tattooing technique that creates hair-like strokes to create your perfect brow. The technician uses a manual handheld tool, not a machine, to embed pigment in the upper layers of skin. Using this tool, creates precise cuts in the skin, which helps create fuller and more natural looking brows.

  • How long does it last?

    According to skin type and care, the pigment will fade gradually between 12-24 months. Yearly touch-ups are recommended.

  • Do you shave the brows before a microblading treatment?

    Oh my goodness...NO, microblading is added to whatever brows you have. 

  • Does it hurt?

    Ummm, it strongly depends on your pain tolerance. We have had people fall asleep, to people tearing up a little bit. We use lidocaine to numb the area, but everyone is different. During the Second Date, the brows are usually a little more sensitive than the First Date too.